Special Offer ~ 401(k) Essentials For The HR Professional

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401(k) Essentials For The HR Professional

401k Essentials For The HR Professional

Written in plain English, this book simplifies the maze of 401(k) plan operations and decodes the complex language for you!


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About the Author

Barbara Klein

Barbara Klein is the founder of 401kEssentials.com and has over 35 years experience in the retirement plan industry as an author, speaker, educator and administrator. She is a master at taking complicated processes and simplifying them. Her breadth of knowledge and experience crosses through many of the 401(k) industry roles. Barbara is a credentialed pension professional with the designations: Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA) and Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA), having received her designations from the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries. Barbara is president of her own pension administration firm, assisting employers in the administration of their qualified plans.

Our Critical Acclaim

“As an HR professional for almost 30 years in organizations of a wide variety of industries and sizes, I have relied on Barbara Klein’s expertise in 401(k) plans ever since I met her in 1984 when we worked together at PENTABS. I was a new HR Manager, and Barbara was already a very knowledgeable and extremely competent and respected retirement plan professional. I was so fortunate that I could walk down the hall to ask her questions anytime I wanted, and she would patiently and clearly explain to me just what I needed to know. As my career evolved, my questions, now phone calls or emails, became more complex. I knew that Barbara was my “secret weapon” in ensuring that I had the most up-to date and accurate information when I needed it, and that I fully understood all that I needed to. Now with Barbara’s excellent book, 401(k) Essentials for the HR Professional, and her informative website www.401Kessentials.com you too can have readily available access to Barbara’s expertise and excellent teaching and share my secret weapon to retirement plan success!”

“HR professionals take heart! Finally, there’s a very simple and easy book and reference tool that explains 401(k) plans for the plan sponsor. Written in plain English (in case you don’t speak fluent “pensionese,”) the book explains the major (and minor) points of 401(k) plans. Each chapter has a brief questionnaire that helps you relate the materials to your company’s plan. This book also outlines the roles and responsibilities you have in running the 401(k) plan–a boon to most HR professionals. Easy to read and understand, the book is thorough, well laid out and sufficiently detailed to give you confidence that you understand and can handle your 401(k) plan. We’ve been waiting for this book for 30 years! Thank you, Barbara Klein. All your years administering 401(k) plans pays off handsomely in this great tool for HR professionals charged with handling the company 401(k) plan. Wish I had thought of it first!”

“401(k) Essentials is a terrific handy reference guide. It is a must have for all 401(k) plan sponsors; quick simple explanations to complex material. This is a great resource, well written, and comprehensive. I highly recommend it.”

“Congratulations on this new venture. It looks like it can’t lose. Good material for the HR professional is essential in this area. You are filling a void that is essential to proper delivery of retirement benefits.”

“This workbook will allow the user to gain a much needed sense of comfort, which is so desperately being sought after in today’s climate. Anything you can do to relieve the administrative burden by arming them with what they need is a valuable service.”

“Long after the plan is sold/installed, our human resource professionals are responsible for the various day to day complexities involved in running a 401(k). However, I’ve noticed that many HR professionals lack the required training and resources needed to handle what could potentially create liability to the company! Barbara has hit the mark…. Assistance is now available from one of the most experienced practitioners in the industry!”

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Barbara in the retirement plan industry for over 25 years and know first-hand of her professional expertise and retirement plan industry knowledge. Barbara’s extensive experience in qualified plan regulations and administration, as well as her desire to help make her clients’ job easier, uniquely equip her with the skills and expertise to assist plan sponsors with just the right amount of information at the right time. She’s the consummate teacher, having the wonderful ability to convey the essentials of what is important to her clients and associates in a very clear and concise manner!”

“Over 25 years ago, Barbara Klein helped answer my first question about Defined Contribution Plans. She hasn’t stopped answering questions or helping people ever since! The increasing complexity of ERISA, IRS and DOL regulations have created a maze that makes administration of retirement plans difficult for even the most experienced professionals. 401(k) Essentials For The HR Professional offers an easy to use, “written in English” reference guide and should be on your bookshelf to ensure proper administration of the company’s retirement plan. Add to that an internet bookmark of www.401kEssentials.com and your navigation through the regulatory maze is solved!”