401(k) ADP/ACP Refunds

Deadline for making ADP/ACP failed testing refunds to HCE’s in order to avoid 10% excise tax penalty.

401(k) Deposits

Make sure all 401(k) deferrals (contributions) have been deposited timely each pay period.

401(k) Plan Audit

Plan audit is required for large plans. It will accompany 5500 when filed.

401k Employee Census

Return your annual employee census to your administrator within 30 days of the plan year end.

5500 Electronic Signature

Be sure the person signing the Form 5500 this year has obtained their electronic signature credential from EFAST.

5500 Information

Ensure your 401(k) administrator has all the information needed to prepare the Form 5500. The deadline is fast approaching (July 31).

ACA Notice Deadline

Provide Automatic Contribution Arrangement (ACA) Notice at least 30 days before the beginning of the plan year.

ADP & ACP Tests

Complete ADP and ACP testing to ensure compliance. If tests fail and corrections are not made by this date, excise tax penalties may apply.