ERISA Essentials Collection


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Plan advisors, TPAs, service providers, HR organizations, insurance agents, investment brokers, CPAs, attorneys and more need this collection.  These books are written for anyone who oversees, advises or is tasked with the management of a 401(k) or 403(b) pension plan.  Written in a clear and understandable manner, these books simplify the complexities of pension plan operations.  Purchase them together to ensure you have the complete set.


401(k) Essentials For The HR Professional

While dedicated to the HR professional, this book is written for anyone who oversees or is tasked with the management of a 401(k) pension plan. Written in a clear and understandable manner, this book simplifies the complexities of 401(k) plan operations.

Although you hire outside professionals to administer your plan, the hardest part of being tasked with the administration of a 401(k) plan is understanding what exactly are the essentials roles and responsibilities required. Often you are put in a position of being reactive to the many tasks, deadlines, and procedures required to ensure plan compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor.

401(k) Essentials for the HR Professional thoroughly covers the concepts that comprise a 401(k) retirement plan. It provides the details needed to become familiar with the terminology, operations, deadlines, processes, files, and much more.

This book is a resource and reference book and is designed to be a training tool for anyone involved in administering your company 401(k) plan.


 401(k) Essentials For The Payroll Professional

According to the IRS, 2 out of 3 compliance errors in 401(k) plans are committed within the payroll process. The reason is simple. The payroll department is often overlooked in receiving the training and tools necessary for managing this complex area.

401(k) Essentials For The Payroll Professional is a comprehensive guide with practical tools and training to manage and prevent complex 401(k) administration mistakes that can lead to IRS audits. This book is a one-volume desk reference written in plain English. It contains easy to understand and ready to deploy practical guidance regarding the internal payroll administration of a company’s 401(k) plan.

While written for the perspective of the payroll department, it is a valuable resource for anyone tasked with administering their company’s 401(k) plan, including HR professionals, business owners, trustees and 401(k) fiduciaries.


 403(b) Essentials For The ERISA Plan

Many 403(b) plan sponsors are unaware of the nuances that impact their 403(b) plan. Simply including employer funded contributions such as a match or pension contribution, automatically subjects the plan to ERISA and its reporting and operational requirements with few exceptions.  403(b) plans subject to ERISA operational requirements are not as simple as they seem.

403(b) Essentials For The ERISA Plan provides a better understanding of the administration, compliance and government reporting requirements applicable to a 403(b) plan by imparting the basic knowledge needed to conduct the operational aspects of the plan.  You will find insight into the terminology used, basic plan operations, on-going deadlines, calculations, processes, documentation, compliance requirements, Form 5500 and much more including worksheets, checklists, forms, calendars and operational tips.